Wednesday, 24 November 2010

The Portal Gun

Well, I've started building a Portal Gun, from Valve Software's Portal, mainly inspired by H. Krix (Volpin Props). So far, I've followed his posts on his blog as instructions to build my own. Here, I'll hopefully be able to post some images.

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Well, This was a disappointment...

...should be anyone's reaction to stumbling across this page whilst trawling the vast gulf of 'teh interwebz' for whatever it was they were looking for that wasn't this. In the unlikely event of them actually TRYING to find this page (and trust me, that is unlikely) I would have to ask the question: 'why were you trying to find this page?' If their answer was 'Because I know you', I would be amazed at their detective skills (if that makes sense), and would congratulate them on their perseverence. If the answer was 'because I clicked a link that took me here' I wouldn't be surprised.

In case anyone thinks they know me, here is a drawing I did of myself (and it is quite accurate, even if I DO say so myself; I wear that jacket very often, I have bad hair and glasses, although the crowbar and the white shirt are rarely (but not never) seen), and you should either respond to this with 'Oh, him' or 'Who's he?'. If you decide to add expletives to either of those statements, that's fine by me.

I do have a facebook page, if anyone knows me, which is Christian Pomeroy (hence the nickname 'Pompey' from pomeroy, which I use quite often).